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COREY HARDEMAN - Wandering the Edge of the World

Episode Summary

Have you ever been in awe of the sky’s reflection in a puddle of water, considered what the world of a frog is like, or lived in a yurt? Well, visual artist Cory Hardeman has. With this episode we will dive into her solo touring exhibition, "Wandering the Edge of the World", which features paintings of flora, trees, birds nests, and water. Her work immerses the viewer in nature and brings light it’s small yet incredible details.

Episode Notes

Two Rivers Gallery  is located on the traditional, unceded territory of the Lheidli T'enneh, on the land that is now referred to as Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. 

The Artist: 

Corey Hardeman is a visual artist whose exhibition, Wandering the Edge of the World, will tour the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, British Columba. The exhibition will tour to: 

About the Exhibition

Wandering the Edge of the World is an exhibition of paintings by visual artist Corey Hardeman. Her work is influenced by her training as a biologist, and she positions her work as an examination of her place among living things. Tangles of tree branches, flowers, and pools of water, are all depicted in close proximity so that the viewer feels immersed in the subject matter. Click here to learn more! 

Digital Exhibition

Click here to view a digital version of the exhibition on Two Rivers Gallery’s website! 

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